Namaste and welcome to Alva Wellness.

Hypnobirthing, Rekhi

Sarojini Alva,

The Alva Wellness Centre aims to promote healing of fellow men and women through the most natural healing modalities. We believe in the principle of teaching and empowering people to help and heal themselves in their journey to wellness. We believe in healing processes that focus on mind, body and spirit connection. There are numerous holistic healing techniques, such as, deep relaxation, hypnosis, Reiki, meditation, pranayama, guided imagery, mantra chanting, and many others, that have existed for thousands of years and are useful to empower and heal ourselves. There are few healing and learning modalities that are listed here and many more, which I have been trained in and am intuitively aware of. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and purpose. If you have paused here maybe there is something for you or your loved one to know and make a choice.